02 Field Day

An 8 hour team building day. The first half of the day is an advanced waste tour followed by an afternoon of "hands on" simulations. Day ends with an application discussion with Kaas leadership. 

Why do we offer Field Days?

We started our Field Day program with the CI team at Nordstrom in order to help their teams better understand what "good" looks and feels like. We have found that the best way for guests to truly understand Overproduction is to let them experience it in simulations first hand.


Morning: Waste Tour with some advanced options for “frequent flyers”.

Afternoon: Hands-on simulation and direct observation experience designed to help guests better understand the benefit of moving from Batch-Push, to Bit-Pull thinking. 

*Lunch is provided

What can be learned?

Guests will have the opportunity to see how visual management and daily habits create information "flow" and how these tools create the freedoms to innovate and serve our clients. Simulations are designed for guests to be able to feel the difference between good and bad work methods.

What are some normal outcomes?

Guests should leave with a clear understanding of the difference between batch and one piece flow and tools to assess their personal work methods. 

The Treehouse and Factory
Mukilteo, Wa

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays

How Long
8 Hours

How Many
Recommend first camp be with Core Leadership teams, usually groups of 15 or less. Follow on groups should be department leaders and their teams, usually in groups of 30 or less.

Waste tour or equivalent; The team needs to have a working knowledge of the 7 Wastes (good enough to teach it to their teams) and a desire to serve their colleagues and customers by removing burden caused by waste.

How Much
$995 per person - Pay with check or card



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